iDig2Learn unites the community around the idea that children benefit greatly from time spent outdoors in nature exploring science and the origin of food through plant life.


iDig2Learn believes that working together to create green spaces, including science gardens, builds knowledge and creates another source of interest that will strengthen the bonds of friendship in diverse communities for years to come.


iDig2Learn provides memorable experiences in real-world settings allowing children and families and neighbors to grow food and to connect with nature. 


Reinforce in school science curriculum by allowing children to experience nature outdoors, learn the origin

of food and understand how plants aid daily life.

Offer free nature and sustainability programming to all ages of the public, the young and young-at-heart, to better understand our world and how our daily choices can positively impact all living things within it - including us.


There is an ongoing conversation about Nature Deficiency Disorder which suggests that children who lose touch

with nature and their natural surroundings miss out on the calming elements inherent outdoors. 


Science, Plant diversity, Life Cycles, Math, Vocabulary, Engineering, Nutrition and Urban Environment

Skill Focus: Problem-solving, Team Work, Observation, Exploration, Verbal Expression, Imagination, Self-esteem, Nurturing and Empowerment.


iDig2Learn is a project of the Open Space Institute, Inc., a nonprofit public charity exempt from federal income tax under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.