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About Us

iDig2Learn celebrates NYC nature and restorative practices by

inviting the young and young-at-heart to experience our natural world.


Through growing food gardens, planting trees and flowers, creating urban green roofs and hosting community events we discover our deeper connection to all living things within our skies, land and water.

iDig2Learn loves getting up close and personal with plant life which has served as an anchor

to explore the origin of food and also nourish new friendships.

We invite you to join us year round as we learn more from our

plant, bird, butterfly, mushroom and marine friends about our role within their realm. 

Photo: Olya Turichin

Nature is generous and with human support 

we can protect all we hold dear.

Our Mission

Our Mission

iDig2Learn's serves as a gateway to high nature, low waste experiences which enhance our lives

and that of surrounding life in our midst. 

Mini Urban Apple Orchard iDig2Learn girl scout cu waters cloudy photos by Akylbai Eleusizo
PHOTO: Akylbai Eleusizov
2022 CoF Day Compost for Trees Photo Audrey Gray Courstesy of iDig2Learn).jpg

Our Vision

When we have positive experiences in nature and build our expertise together, we are more likely to care for each other and our world.


We strongly believe that everyone deserves clean water, air and land and when we come together to protect those essential resources we form bonds and friendships that last for decades.

PHOTO: Audrey Gray

Founding Story

In 2012, Christina Delfico founded iDig2Learn because she recognized the need for a local organization that would connect city children and their families with nature.

Leveraging her expertise as an Emmy-nominated children's media producer, she saw the chance to disconnect children from their screens and get them outside.

Developing and facilitating enriching opportunities soon expanded to include spotlighting smart waste reduction practices to support a healthy environment.

Today, iDig2Learn creates experiences for
all ages and  abilities.


Our Partners

iDig2Learn is where we are today thanks to the 

generosity of partners.

We Dig 2 Learn and with the help and guidance

of experts every day we know more.

Thanks to all our plant, butterfly, bird, wild bee, tree, leaf, marine, mushroom and more friends for showing us

the sky, land and water.

We are nothing without you!

If you would like to team up with us please contact us.

We love supporting local talent, the arts and nature.


iDig2Learn is honored to expand our impact thanks
to OSI's fiscally sponsorship and grateful for grants, foundations and individual donors supporting our programming.
See our honors here
iDig2Learn had the great honor of presenting nature and sustainability at the United Nations
iDig2Learn is a project of Open Space Institute, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit public charity which serves as our fiscal sponsor.
iDig2Learn joined the Forest For ALL NYC coalition of over 130 members working to increase the tree canopy to 30% by 2035.

Your Support Grows Us!

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